If you have allergies or dietary needs, check out NetNutrition!

If you go to Messiah, you understand the struggle of trying to find something to eat at Lottie. But it becomes an even bigger problem for students with dietary needs. People with dairy, egg, soy, or other allergies, vegans, those with gluten allergies and those who are just trying to eat healthy have trouble finding things to eat at the dining hall.

Dining services has heard about these problems and decided to introduce NetNutrition, a program specifically designed to view daily menus and nutritional information, and select meal options that cater to individuals’ specific dietary needs.


You can view NetNutrition here!

For Audio/Visual Newsgathering (the class this blog was actually created for) my group decided to plan out a story to inform students about the new NetNutrition program: We planned out a news package that will feature shots of Lottie Nelson during lunch or dinner, interviews with students who have dietary needs, and with dining services:

Live Broadcast from Lottie Dining Hall:

Open to live coverage during busy dinner hour:

Wide shot of entrance to Lottie, students getting food…
Reporter: “Here we are at the busy dinner hour in Lottie Nelson dining hall. Dining Services has introduced online system “Net Nutrition” to address the growing amount of students with special dietary needs.


-interview with student who has dietary needs/food allergy
-intro/describe Net Nutrition
-someone accessing Net Nutrition on their laptop
-pre-recorded interviews with Lottie chefs/dining services etc.,
-B-roll of Lottie (pan shots of the salad bar, different stations, students in line)

Live Close:
Reporter: “Net Nutrition is making it easier for many Messiah students to find food that suit their specific needs.”

Closing quote from an impacted student.

Non-Traditional media:

Facebook Live – someone accessing Net Nutrition, introducing how to use the website and what it does…picking up diet sensitive option at Lottie Dining Hall.

If you have trouble eating on campus or have used NetNutrition, feel free to comment!